What People are Saying
  "THE FREEDOM MUSIC PROJECT...Take the singing and dancing from the theme to the hit TV show and movie FAME, mix it together with the singing group The Fifth Dimension, and you've got a little bit of the dynamics of The Freedom Music Project. The Project brings together young Jewish and African-American singers to create a performance featuring the Freedom Music of both the Passover tradition and the Civil Rights Movement. The results are from the collaborative efforts of Jewish music composer/performer Peri Smilow and musician, producer and Minister of Music LeRoix Hampton. The group will be taking its show on the road, visiting cities across America, sharing what they have learned about each other through music. Additionally, the Project is preparing a CD of its songs. Listening to Chad Gadya done to step-dancing is a sight to behold. Recently performing their repertoire at the CAJE Conference at Hofstra University, these young singers had an entire auditorium on its feet singing, clapping, stomping, and cheering. It took their breath away! "
(from the final OPTIONS newsletter)
  "The Freedom Music Project blew me away, and has set my mind into motion ever since I saw the performance. It helped me cement a bunch of different strands of ideas that have been floating in my head for ever. Kol ha kavod!"
  "I was unbelievably moved by your performance last night at Hofstra. You looked and sounded absolutely amazing. I was overwhelmed by your gift and your energy. The Freedom Music Project is an incredible collaboration of talent, love, energy and soul...you could actually feel it. I was blown away. It made me think about myself and giving back to society -- about giving of my heart and of my self -- what moves me and motivates me. I'm sure you had no idea that your music could produce so much in one short program -- but it did. This group is a secret that must get told. Congratulations! "
THE FREEDOM MUSIC PROJECT is a monumental labor of love that will make a difference in your musical life!